Boot Camps

Boot camp in its very name has the idea of intense training to prepare for a future assignment. We are living in days where the Body of Christ must be conditioned to advance during hard times instead of being in a survival mentality. The world is changing, the Church is changing, and we must be ready to make the shifts that these changes bring. This is where boot camp training helps people to go to a new level to increase their endurance while growing their faith in Jesus Christ and the victory He has already attained for them.

Each session is prophetically inspired and unique according to the group and the territory. Some of these sessions from the past include:


  • How resistance helps you to do greater
  • Leaving your imprint in the earth
  • Imparting into the next generation
  • Strategies on how to war with your gift
  • Living in such a way that death cannot erase you
  • Overcoming or surviving - our choice
  • The spirit and power of turning hearts

The fruit from these camps is very abundant and evident. Blockages are removed that have kept them from agreeing with God about the greatness they carry. People are now free to go toward their future assignments to which God is call them with confidence and passion.

If you are interested in booking a boot camp for your women's group, call 918-209-5663 or you may send an email:


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