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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 • Dan Newberry
Some thoughts about losing a child.
I've never had to endure the loss of one of my children, but I just cannot imagine the pain a parent must feel when it happens. The parents got up today to speak about their 3 yr old girl who had died after an unsuccessful organ transplant. How do you compose yourself to get the words out? How do you reckon your pain with the belief that Jesus came to give us life more abundantly? I have some questions that will be on my mind when I go to heaven. But when you think about it, isn't that what God ultimately wants to do with us...bring us home? He's always been people-ing heaven with his saints. We just have this idea that well, of course, after we spend several decades here on earth doing whatever we're gonna do. But we actually don't have much of a say as to when we leave this life. I'm at a loss if I were to try to explain to someone why a little girl exits this life at such a young age. I do feel that when we get there, we'll wonder why did I ever begrudge someone coming here so early on? I've read the Bible & it explains some wonderful things about heaven. And then I've read a lot of accounts of where people went there & came back to tell about it. They say they can't give an adequate description - it's just too wonderful to describe. For the rest of us down here while we wait our turn, it's pretty tough...the loss of companionship & love of the person who died and trying to figure out what kind of theology we should have because of it.

Thankfully we do have the Bible. If we didn't have that, we couldn't hang onto much other than memories. The Bible tells us that we have a hope in the resurrection because of Jesus Christ. So we don't have to endure sorrow so heavily - it's a hope about seeing this person again. I hang onto that hope because I have several loved ones already in heaven. The older I get, the more that number increases. I wish for the parents of this little girl, our friends, that they too will always remember that truth, no matter how awful the pain becomes. Life MUST go on for those of us who remain...there are others who are looking to us to give them hope.

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