May, 2018

By Kay Newberry
If you've noticed you go through periods of delays that just don't seem to subside, maybe there is something more going on than just mere coincidence.

Delays - A Problem or an Opportunity?


Recently Dan and I have been battling a cycle of having things delayed or "put on hold" in our lives. It has been kind of crazy. Plans and projects haven't fallen through, but they have just been high-jacked for strange and bizarre reasons. Now when that happens and it just keeps coming, we know that it is an all out assault on us to get us to quit or to deal with the frustration of it all in wrong ways.  Delays can stop movement and bring weariness and discouragement.


Over the years Dan and I have learned that delay is a major testing time for our faith. "And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we do not faint" ( Gal.6:9).  We all face times like this and some seasons we are more tested than in others. Many times God is working to get us to do something different to get our faith walk resurrected.
Faith without works is dead, being alone" (Jam. 2:17). Have you ever prayed with "alone" faith? I have, and nothing happens. The delay tests will show us where we need to get moving again to obtain our promises.


Prospering in the midst of delays. 


Anxiety is your enemy.  It robs you of peace and of having a single mind. In Jam. 1:6 it instructs us,"Let a man ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavers is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." Being double-minded is trying to have the Lord's mind and having your own.  Be determined to change your mind and shift into new thinking.  Facing delay can cause you to become sluggish; frustration sets in and then you let anxiety take a seat in your soul life. Don't let it come in. Frustration is used by God to get things out of us, to get our hunger and desperation level up but never to take peace from us. I am sure Jesus was frustrated with the disciples on many occasions. Even as He was being betrayed, His friends were sleeping. Jesus did not react to their lack of interest in Him, He simply stayed single-minded about the mission. We must do the same.  Say no to anxiety and place your mind where faith is working to bring movement.


Complaining brings more delay. When you are being assaulted by delay it is easy to go into a complaining mode, but that is exactly what you must not do.  I've heard it once said that complaining is another way of asking God to take away your blessing. We live in a time where complaint is celebrated and gains attention. That is not the place for you! Be aware that in your complaining you are bringing judgment on yourself and also making a home for a sour, negative attitude. The grip of delay will hang on tighter in the midst of complaint. When the children of Israel were wandering in the desert, they were warned time and time again about their complaining and yet they chose to stay there and were left out of gaining the promise of a beautiful land that God had waiting for them.  Did you know that every day you are deciding what to give a home to in your life? Dwell on the goodness that is around you and goodness will find you. Favor others and favor will be your friend.  Make a habit of blessing people and blessings will be attracted to you like a magnet. When you are filled with God things, complaint has no home in you!


If you don't see delay breaking over three particular areas of your life then you need to take action. These areas are health, wealth and inheritance. Remember the story of the widow going before the unjust judge to get justice over her adversary. (See Lk. 18) She became persistent and even though the judge was unjust, he avenged her because of her persistence. This lesson was on prayer and we need to go to the higher authority in prayer to get justice, but we must also go to places of authority in the natural to get release on what belongs to us. You must have faith and works to have your harvest.


Health issues for you or someone close to you. Health issues tend to get worse unless you take action now. Get help, be assertive, and get more wisdom and knowledge. When my mother was going through her health crisis, I realized firsthand how I was going to have to become more aggressive in dealing with the medical team. The days are over of doctors giving lots of help and for many they don't even give much advice. Find the help you need. Ask the Lord to give you right connections and then go after that with a passion. Once you gain your health you have to be intentional about a strategy to stay healthy. It's concerning when people say they believe in healing and don't take care of their own health.  Get healthy starting today!


Wealth will not come into your life or stay in your life without action. Wealth includes richness in relationships and having resources flowing into your life. "Remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability and power to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors" (Dt. 8:18). It resides in you, but if you don't take action it won't be yours. If you are waiting for your ship to come in, stop and go build a ship and find your treasure. Work something different. God will make a way if you step out and work in a new way. In your relationships, if you are waiting for someone to change before you love them, you will miss out on part of your wealth. Love freely with what God has placed in you now and watch and see what God does with that action on your part. There are many people that never learned how to create wealth in resources and relationships until they lost it all. Many times the delay is such a gift to force change and help you become who God created you to be - a wealth builder. Don't wait any longer. Get moving in your effort to gain wealth and then your wealth will grow.


Inheritance issues are very important to God and they should be to us. God teaches us to leave an inheritance for our children and  our children's children. Here are some practical things on inheritance. Inheritance involves anything you impart into the next generation - your time, gifts, love, and wealth. God always gives and loves over all generations; this is why He sent His only son Jesus to die for us. God wants an inheritance! You have a right to your inheritance so ask the Lord how to attain it. Then prepare what you have for your children and their children. If you have not worked at building wealth don't say it is too late - start now. Have plans made now so that when you go into eternity it will be better for your family. Make a will, get with an advisor, plan and pre-pay your funeral. These are some practical ways to leave an inheritance. Give your children wisdom now. Teach them how to prepare for life and how to handle the inheritance they are receiving.


Don't become comfortable with delay to the point where you begin to expect it. That is NOT your inheritance! Expect God to intervene on your behalf and you will see things begin to shift and move out of your way!


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