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Is your faith being tested right now? Did you know that how you respond will determine the outcome? This newsletter will assist you in your success.
You are probably facing some difficult times right now, but that can only mean you are near a door the Lord has for you to go through. This article will help you get to the door.
Many people are wondering, "Why isn't God active at least as much as the devil is?" This article will cause you to respond to the question with a new perspective.
Tornadoes often bring devastation, but believers have a marvelous way of responding in the midst of it. There is evidence of that in the aftermath of the May tornado here in Oklahoma. Also, what are we to think and believe when devastation hits us? What kind of theology should we have when we see awful things happen to people? This article may help answer those questions.
Have you ever heard someone say "the world is going to hell in a hand basket?" The Lord has other plans! For them and for those who have said that.
Looking at what's going on nationally can distract us from our more important call and that is to be a light to and for others. This will encourage you to find out what God's strategy is for you to be a Hope-Carrier.
Before You Get Too Used to Tough Times is an excellent look at how God is still working in and on us while we're going through hard situations, even if those situations last for years.
What is the difference between genuine prophecy and divination? This article takes a look at this misunderstood phenomenon.
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