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Don't let change scare you or keep you from shifting into the next new season in your life. Change is required of you. It's not an option...unless you just don't want to move with God!
A troubling truth is arising within the Church - don't let this cancer eat at you and cause you to miss out on what God is about to do.
If you're wondering how to prepare yourself through the coming turmoil, this will help you find your moorings.
You have a purpose in spite of the circumstances surrounding you! You are a pioneer and not just a bystander. God is speaking to you about your future.
Casting off the things that try to drag us down can be the very thing that keeps us moving in the right direction. If that's all you get accomplished, you conquered the enemy in a profound way!
We can be overcome with regrets and thoughts of what we didn't do, which can stay with us for many years. There is no purpose in dredging up those old failures, but for some reason they can keep coming back to us. This will give you a strategy to deal with it once and for all.
Some things we hoard just because we just can't let them go. And they can be things that are detrimental to our spiritual growth. It's time to take an inventory.
Life can present us with opportunities to get stuck in a place. Rather than looking at your surroundings to find the culprit, it's time to take inventory of the heart. You just might find something there that is causing it, or at least something that could help you get unstuck.
At some time you will receive a prophetic word and maybe your next thought will be, "What am I supposed to do with this?" We have some insight for you!
With a new year upon us, we need direction in advance for what we cannot see. Kay declares living in the presence of God will set the pace for you in how you will receive your needed revelation. Also, Dan has an admonition for those who have found themselves saying things that are in agreement with the spirit of the age.
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