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When we go through trauma and disappointment, often our heart is captured by the loss, stuck in a time warp. This will help you find where your heart was left behind and get it back.
At times we worry about our children and grandchildren. What will become of them, how will they survive, or how can I continue to provide for them? God's grace was sufficient for you and me while we grew up and it will certainly be sufficient for your kids and grandkids...perhaps more so because you are in place to pray for them!
As a believer, each of us know that God has justice as well as mercy - when is it appropriate to use either? This will help you pray that both justice and mercy will be applied as He sees fit.
Whenever something is destroyed or taken away in your life, it's not the end. It's an opportunity for a new beginning. Rebuild it!
As you go through your trials, it's not because the enemy is getting the upper hand or that God is punishing you. There is a purpose and they do come by appointment. You need to take notes during trials!
Your next strategy for 2015 will require faith for your next step, your next level. Business as usual is finished - it's what got us through previous years, but our future will require a different approach.
A windstorm is on the horizon and we must make our preparations before it's too late. It's time to re-stake your tent pegs to make sure you won't lose your place in God's plan.
Don't let change scare you or keep you from shifting into the next new season in your life. Change is required of you. It's not an option...unless you just don't want to move with God!
A troubling truth is arising within the Church - don't let this cancer eat at you and cause you to miss out on what God is about to do.
If you're wondering how to prepare yourself through the coming turmoil, this will help you find your moorings.
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