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The seemingly mundane life that drags on can actually be a preparation for the greater days ahead. We just may not realize we are being tested and prepared.
Because of pressures and difficulties we face every day, we so often want life to come much easier. Coping with those pressures can be a daily pressure in itself. But why does God allow those tough times? Maybe there's a purpose in it. And once we resign ourselves to that purpose, we may be able to function in life much more easily.
We are coming into a huge season of favor! For some, that may be hard to believe. But here are some things you should consider before you discount this promise.
As we begin 2017, we have a tendency to simply hope harder than we work to see the things come to pass we've been praying about. Let's try something novel!
How you see yourself will have a huge role in how and where you live tomorrow and the days following. It could mean the difference between finishing well and leaving things unfinished. This is very important reading.
There is so much to be thankful for at this time of year. But often we don't get to express it really. Here are some suggestions.
There will always be some things that lay in front of us to stop our moving forward. One of them can be eliminated if we come face to face with it.
Here are some important steps you can take to enter into the rest the Bible promises us.
Understand the season you are going through and you will have a glimpse of what's waiting for you.
Not understanding what we are going through can often throw us into a tailspin, causing us to reject the very next step that God is wanting us to take. Listen - it's just around the corner!
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