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One of our biggest enemies is the familiar. It keeps us in a place where nothing happens and yet we will still expect changes!
Undeserved shame can keep us from receiving and giving prophetic words. Paul said he wished all of us would prophesy! We need to deal with the elephant in the room first.
Very little happens without a plan. This will give you strategy for moving forward.
When it seems it's near impossible to fight an unseen enemy on unfamiliar turf, maybe we aren't quite ready because our soil hasn't been prepared for it.
Many people wish for a great many things but they don't know where to begin. This article will lead you to your first and best step.
If you've noticed you go through periods of delays that just don't seem to subside, maybe there is something more going on than just mere coincidence.
A special tribute to Billy Graham after his passing. His life is worth emulating.
Sometimes we feel that God just hasn't tried all that hard to let us know He loves us. Maybe He has and we haven't noticed all His attempts.
This will challenge you to stop expecting different results when you keep doing the same things. God will always make us stretch - it's always better if we cooperate!
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